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State/Province: Pennsylvania
Zip/Postal Code: 18630
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From Form: Product Inventory Request
Message: Hi Teresa, I'm Greg Culver and I work with Doug Jackson at Community Bank. He spoke to you a couple Thursday's ago about me. Well, from mapquest I'm about 35 miles from your Apalachin location. There is a red one at Montrose but I'm not interested in red, I really like this one. The problem if you will is I'd like Jim to do a site visit to make sure I can put it where I want to put it. It's kind of down a hill and I'm not positive his machine can get it down there. Also, I think I have to either dig out the left side of the hill or build up the right side and build a platform; however, I don't know what is best (if it's even feasible.) I can build a platform for it but is a platform strong enough and I don't know which way to build floor joists (north & south or east & west.) I know you're closed until Weds and I didn't want to bother calling you or Jim and figured an email would be best and maybe I can reserve this one for the time being. I can put a deposit down or whatever you need to hold it for me. I'm kind of hoping if Jim is anywhere near Meshoppen I can meet him and take him over to my location. I drove up Saturday in the rain to check out Apalachin location and decide between the 12' or the 14'. I think this one (12') fits for my property. You could always text me or call me at 570-240-3412. Thanks Teresa!